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Michelle’s Kitchen

Michelle Field

Michelle Field is ready, willing and able to help with your kitchen renovation or cabinet refacing problems. Give her a call at 802 236-0669. Sam’s Good News photo.

Oh my God, what do I do? How do I go about it? Those are just a couple of the questions some people have, regarding their kitchen or bath. Until now that is, now you can consult Michelle Field, kitchen and bathroom designer, to assist you every step of the way. She will clarify the planning process and identify the fun and exciting decisions you’ll be making as you redesign your kitchen or bath. Building or renovating a kitchen and bath is one of the most important investments you will make in your home. Not only does it involve careful planning, but also extensive research and building knowledge. Kitchen designers and bathroom designers are tested to rigorous and relevant standards, much like public accountants or financial planners are tested for their industry competencies. Michelle, has just completed factory training in kitchen and bath design, which she got into because she too was frustrated with what to do and how much it could cost to do her own kitchen.

Whether your kitchen needs a minor face lift, such as refacing cabinets or a complete gut job, soliciting help from a kitchen designer can be well worth the investment. The rule of thumb is that if a kitchen project costs more than a few hundred dollars, it may be time to call in a pro. Not only does Michelle have access to planning tools and technology that most homeowners don’t have, Michele has the inside scoop on trends, new materials, building codes and technical quirks. Her kitchen remodeling expertise can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Michelle has six CDC Designers available and resources far superior to any lumber yard or kitchen showroom in the area and she’s backed by the employee owned Showplace Wood Products.

When asked what interested Michelle about the kitchen and bath business she said, “I would love to remodel my own kitchen and couldn’t afford to do a total remodel so refacing seemed like an affordable option for me and fit into my personal budget better,” Michelle, who is still the proud owner of Cutting Edge Salon on Forrest Street in Rutland, thought the kitchen and bath redesign business would be fun to do, along with cutting hair and running the hair salon. Michelle said, she’s looking forward to refacing, remodeling and new construction along with counter tops.”

Michelle has the ability to provide a full quote within days, because she has the advantage of having ten customer service agents behind her and six certified designers available. She can offer a lifetime warranty and totally guarantees design work to be error free!

Michelle is the daughter of Carl and the late June Nickerson. You can give her a call at 802 236-0669. Michelle is excited about her new venture and she can help you make the right decision on how serious you want to get with your kitchen or bath project.

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Elegant Seconds

Faith, Josh and Ernie Stone opened Elegant Seconds in Rutland on September 1st. The store is full of treasures from yesterday and today. Samís Good News photo by Natalie Coons.

Quality items from yesterday and today

By Natalie Coons

Everything has a season and there is a season for everything. This idea is not new and whether you have read it in the Holy Bible or heard it in a popular song from the sixties, chances are you have heard this concept before. Ernie and Faith Stone know this concept well.

Ernie has been a technician for years, taking older electronics that are past their prime and fixing them up, extending their life. Faith is a nurse helping to do the same thing for people. When Ernie found himself with his hours at work cut back it was the chance he and Faith had talked about taking for years. As it happened, it was also around the time that the storefront they are currently in also opened up.

Faith and Ernie have been “pickers” for over twenty years. They find old items that no longer serve a purpose to their owners but still have value and they bring a new life to that item, whether in their own lives or selling it to someone else. They had rented some space in Middlebury for about a year and a half but that wasn’t the right location for the Stone family. Now they have a shop of their own in Rutland and it is full of treasures.

They run their shop, Elegant Seconds, with the help of their adult son Josh. “He has always had an interest in buying and selling,” said Faith of Josh. “He’s grown up around us picking,” added Ernie, “Plus he knows the newer stuff like Xbox’s very well.” Though the majority of what they offer is antique or primitive items, they do have a selection of newer electronic items and DVD’s.

“Guitars are our hottest seller,” says Faith. Ernie and Josh agreed that they couldn’t keep them in the store. If you are not a musician don’t worry, I’m sure you can find something to suit your interests. “If you don’t see something you like today, come back tomorrow as I’m always looking,” says Ernie. They have quality pottery, designer bags, military memorabilia and jewelry to name only a few things. Of course I should also mention the artwork and household décor. As I was standing there a man came in and knew exactly what he wanted. He had been in before and returned to purchase the tiny, old, silver saccharin spoon he had been eyeing.

There was an antique telephone that caught my eye but I also wanted to know what exactly primitives were. I had heard the name quite a few times but wasn’t versed on what it meant. I’m sure that many of you reading this are ahead of me on this knowledge, but for those who aren’t, keep reading. Faith had taken me over to an old wooden, ride along toy. “This is a primitive,” she said, “anything which didn’t require machines to build.” Ernie showed me an old dresser with old square nails holding it together, which also fit into that category. There is something special about admiring something that was built by hand, lovingly and with a craftsman’s knowledge, so very long ago.

Not only is this a second career for both Ernie and Faith; but Elegant Seconds is a second chance for the items that pass through there at being useful. As Ernie and Faith say “We have quality items from yesterday and today.” You can find them at 35 Strongs Avenue in Rutland, Vermont and their phone number is (802) 770-3739. Perhaps the perfect gift to give this holiday season is one that has been loved before.

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What is the most common last name among Hall of Famers?
Robinson: Brooks, Frank, Jackie and Wilbert.


Why didnít they let the coffee bean play?
Because he was grounded.

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Sam's Scrapbook


Addison Rose Newton turned 5 on November 25!
Love, Dad, Mum & brother Benny! We love you so much!

Happy Birthday to Marc Severance who will turn 10 years of age on November 29th. Happy Birthday Marc.

Happy Birthday to Beth Higgins of Castleton who will be a year older on December 4th. From Riley Finley, the 9/11 pup she insisted be adopted 13 years ago, and his family. Riley’s still hanging in there! Thank you and Happy Birthday Beth!


Belated Happy Anniversary to Doc and Ruth West of Clarendon. November 22 1956 was on Thanksgiving day

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