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Vermont’s Dent Guy, Jason

Vermont's Dent Guys

By Samuel J. Gorruso

When I bought my current vehicle from a local used car dealer he told me he lost money on the deal. He seems to tell everyone that, my new car had a ton of dents on the left passenger door and the tailgate. It kind of sucked driving around in my new to me new car with so many dents, until I found out about Jason Premont, The Dent Guy, who specializes in Paintless Dent Removal. Jason, a native of Barre, Vermont drove to Rutland and met me, looked things over and immediately went to work.

His car was full of the tools of his trade, he seemed to have everything he needed and the dents started to pop out, one by one with no cracks in the paint and nothing to sand or paint. As a matter of fact, Jason did it right in the homestead driveway. As for the cost of such a great service, I know it was much less than having to give up my car and wait for traditional auto body shop. If it was worse, I’m sure Jason would have told me he could not help me. Since then I’ve recommended him to several people who just have a door ding or two and they have all been happy with Jason’s work.

Recently, I learned that Jason rented the former Blow’s Texaco, on South Main Street at the corner of Allen Street. I stopped in and learned that with all the hail damage, Jason has brought in some friends from across the country to help him keep up with the huge amount of vehicles. What’s best is if anyone brings their car to Jason, he’s going to be here for many years to come to warranty his work!

When asked what happens when someone gets paintless dent removal from Jason’s shop he said, “Absolutely” it will be backed by him, even after his friends go home.
Jason recommends, “It’s usually best to contact your insurance company first to see if they are going to want to send an adjuster out to start the whole claims process. You can come here first, get an estimate and show that to your adjuster, that may speed the process up, if the adjuster sees what we see. It’s usually best to call the insurance company first, bring their estimate to us and we’ll make sure they didn’t make any mistakes and are being fairly compensated”.

Since 2005, Jason has been driving three days a week from Barre to work with the several car dealers he works with in the Rutland Area. As for his location, he has rented it for one year and has eleven months to go. “I will still be here in Rutland for the foreseeable future, this is were the bulk of my work comes out of this community and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I would love to stay in a fixed location but if this doesn’t work out, I will still be around town three days a week. So for any hail claims we are offering a ninety day dent free guarantee, if they get their hail damage fixed here and if they bring their signed receipt back within ninety days, we will fix any dents up to the size of a half dollar for free.” Asked if that’s new ones, Jason said “yes”.

As for how to get in contact with Jason, stop by his shop, he’s open 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and “We’re usually here on Sundays as well. You can find me on line at dentguy.com or you can reach me by phone at 802-742-7256”.

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The friendly staff at the newly renovated The Vermont Inn

The friendly staff at the newly renovated The Vermont Inn can’t wait to serve you. They are (l to r) Dylan Ayers, John Mott, Emily Cykon, Tommy Higuchi-Crowell, his son Marley Higuchi-Crowell, Zack Cullen, Alexandra Madore and Mike Marrano. Sam’s Good News photo by Natalie Aines.

An old inn is getting back its glory

By Natalie Aines

The Vermont Inn is nestled on top of a hill part way between Killington and Rutland. It was a farmhouse built in 1840 but became an inn and restaurant in 1969. With its red color and rail fence it still looks like quintessential Vermont. It's lush green lawns and pretty flower gardens make you feel right at home as you gaze upon the views of Pico and the Green Mountains.

The 16-room inn has gone through many owners over the years and this past February brought in another. I remember seeing The Vermont Inn featured on the television show Hotel Impossible a few years back and thinking how sad that it was not in the glory I had once known it to have. It wasn't long after that show aired that the restaurant had closed down but the building continued to be used for lodging. In fact it has run continuously since 1969 except for a short period of time before this owner purchased it. The new owners are Paul and Olivia Teja. Paul is originally from Barre but his career has taken him to Virginia. Dylan Ayers, grandson to the Tejas, is on board now learning the art of innkeeper under the general manager team of Mike Marrano and Emily Cykon.

In this past May executive chef Tommy Higuchi-Crowell was brought in. He spent six weeks developing and perfecting the menu in anticipation for the grand opening which happened on July fourth. Tommy has 20 years experience as a chef. He has worked in some of the most well known restaurants in New York City and has also worked in Japan. Even with such culinary diversity he is still very happy to be here in New England. “The food is better up here. Better quality, because you can keep it local,” Tommy explains.

The 70 seat restaurant has been expanded to be able to accommodate more diners on the new patio. This makes it one of the best places for a date night around. The view, the food, the cocktails, perfect! The menu is fresh and local. From the seafood pasta to the in-house smoked pork chops, you will find that Tommy's passion for cooking is evident. You won't just get a meal that tastes good but you will get a food experience. His favorite is the sausage and cod. The sausage is a bit spicy but it is paired with a lemon escarole soup. When he uses spice he pairs it with milder dishes so that it is not over-powering and instead of becoming offensive, it adds taste. When they use smoke it's done with woods that are cut down in front of them. Their breads are toasted straight on a fire, never with a toaster. What I also found impressive was that they make fresh squeezed juice made to order. They don't make a huge batch of orange juice or lemonade. They make it for you. That is also the same juice they use in their cocktails.

The inn has undergone some remodeling under the watchful eyes of Mike and Emily. They had worked as inn-keepers for five years prior to coming to Vermont. Emily is from here originally and Mike is from Massachusetts. Before that Mike had run restaurants for at least twelve years in Washington D.C. Emily was destined for The Vermont Inn. Some of the wine that is offered here is from her family’s vineyard in upstate Vermont. Her parents were delighted when she told them that she was going to help run it. When they were dating and lived in the Rutland area they used to come up to the inn and dine here on their date nights.

They redecorated the inn, renovated the pool, are redoing the electrical and have regraded the property keeping the rainwater and melting snow from coming into the building. “We're basically trying to lengthen the life of inn,” explains Mike, “As the restaurant and the inn move forward we don't have to worry about any big issues because it's all being done now.” They also added more parking and are working on the custom built outdoor grill. In the future they are hoping to have their own chicken coop, vegetable garden and herb garden.

They are reasonably priced and offer mountain views without the full mountain pricing. You can find them at 78 Cream Hill Rd in Mendon, Vermont. The Vermont Inn takes reservations and also welcomes walk-ins. You can call them with any questions or to find out their nightly specials at (802) 775-0708. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt often had dinner with poker playing friends.


What birds spend time on their knees?
Birds of prey!

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Sam's Scrapbook


Belated happy birthday to Jeff "Ackey" Accavallo who celebrated another year on July 24 2014.

Happy Fourth Birthday to Anya Ryann Coons on July 30th. Mama & Daddy love you, our little peanut.

Happy Birthday to the retired blonde Meter Installer
from the old CVPS - Soni Philburt. Soni will be a year older on August 1st. With love from Ron.

Happy Birthday to Ron Fairbanks one of the Three Amigos. Ron will be a year older on August 4th and he helps keep our scrapbook full.

Happy Birthday to our friend Karen St. Peter. She will enjoy another Birthday on Monday August 4th.  Ron & Mary Ann Fairbanks

Oh my gosh, our granddaughter Natasha McPhee who was the prettiest littlest bat girl for Post 31 Legion baseball team will turn 18 on Wednesday August 6th. Where did the time go?  Have a great day. Love Mimi &B


Elaine and & Charlie Larose will celebrate another Anniversary on Wednesday August 6th. Hope you enjoy your day.  Love Ron & Mary Ann

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