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Piled High Sandwiches

The staff at The Leaf Cafe

The crew at The Leaf Cafť pose with several patrons recently. Thereís always plenty of hot coffee, good food and friendly smiles at The Leaf. Samís Good News photo by Natalie Coons.

By Natalie Coons

At The Leaf Cafe in downtown Rutland you can choose a sandwich or a sub. Sandwiches are priced at $5.95 and subs at $6.95. You can get either with little, regular or piled high for meat and fillings all at the same price. The sandwiches are on the rolls formerly served at the Baba A Louis bakery, now baked at The Bakery. They also have paninis, breakfast sandwiches, salads and wraps. The Leaf Cafe can be found in the Asa Bloomer building on Merchants Row. I hear that the Ivan Veggie Sandwich has been popular. It includes zucchini, summer squash, loaded with other veggies and finished with a horseradish mayo. You better hurry for that one though since it is their summer special.

I have long known Ivan Rochon as a jeweler and a businessman. I was surprised recently to learn that behind his thirty-three years in the jewelry business, he also has forty years in the food and beverage industry. In fact it was through food and beverage that he got his break into jewelry. He had been working at Tiffany's, a deli located at the old Rutland Mall. It was a Sunday and he was mopping. Being a self proclaimed klutz he had hit the wall with the mop handle which knocked things off of the shelf at the jewelry store next door. He of course went over and made it right and in return was offered a job there. Quite often through the years he has worked both professions simultaneously. He worked for Percy P. Woods on Lincoln Avenue, was a bartender at multiple venues and owned Red's Bar in West Rutland. Eight years ago he became a partner at Desjardins Rochon Jewelers also located in downtown Rutland.

It made sense for him to seize the opportunity that became available when the previous cafe in the Bloomer Building closed in March of 2013. He renovated the space in August with the help of his wife Sally. They re-did the floors, restructured the counters and added some finishing touches like the leaves that they custom stenciled on the walls. With the chairs newly upholstered they were ready to open on September 24th, 2013.

The staff is friendly and quite good at what they do. Amanda Mitchell and Tiffany Loso both worked for the late Barry Bove making sandwiches and Beau Williams came with experience from another coffee shop. In addition to their lunch menu they also have fresh baked goods and Green Mountain Coffee. Very soon they will have Boston Clam “Chowdah” and other warm soups for the colder months ahead.

They have almost reached their first year being open and have stayed busy. “They are wearing out the floor and I love it!” exclaimed Ivan, “I can't wait to replace the floor.” If you want to help wear out their floor with your foot steps you can find them at 88 Merchants Row, inside the state office building. The hours are Monday through Friday 7 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm. You can like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/the-leaf-cafe. You can also call them with any questions at (802) 775-5800.

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One O One, the One

Kelley Vitagliano, Senior Account Executive; Debbie Grembowicz, Account Executive and Thomas Beardsley, Vice President of Sales proudly smile in the studio of One O One, the 1, the area’s newest programmed radio station, owned by radio veteran Ken Squire and programmed by executive producer and vice president Eric Michaels along with music director Frankie Allen. Tune them in form their transmitter atop Grandpas Knob and you may not change the channel. Sam’s Good News Photo

They are The One

By Samuel J. Gorruso

Once upon a time, Rutland had just two AM radio stations and two FM stations. Everyone said radio was simple in those days. Now we have a large variety of radio stations, Sirius radio, MP3 players and music, music, music available seemingly everywhere. Recently Vermont broadcast veteran and NASCAR legend Ken Squire acquired the 101.5 frequency which was once the Fox out of Rutland and put his staff to work to reprogram it into a more likeable music format.

We sat down with Vice President of Sales Thomas Beardsley, 101 longtime staffer, Kelley Vitagliano and the station’s newest member, Debbie Grembowicz to discuss what’s going on with One O One, the One! Tom Beardsley mentioned how much there was to do in changing from the hard rock format of the Fox to launching the new format, that that Eric Michaels developed. Many of you may remember Eric who was a longtime personality at WSYB in the seventies. Tom said that the new format is a variation on Adult Contemporary from the seventies, eighties and early nineties and he says, “It’s a real focus on those big, big artists, but not necessarily all the very big, number one songs. We’re going a little bit into the charts. In other words, a song that made it to number fifteen or number eighteen or number nine, we’ll play those songs, that no other radio station is playing and we’ll also dip into the album cuts by the same artists that had the huge monster hits and we’re probably not going to play the songs that have been overplayed.”

As for how the Rutland staff got together, Tom mentioned that Debbie Grembowicz had been in contact with him and owner Ken Squire and how much she really liked the format. “When we finally got back to Debbie and realized the depth of experience and the knowledge of this marketplace and that she would work so beautifully with Kelley, between the two of them, these two women, probably know every living, breathing soul in Rutland and we feel very fortunate we’ve got both of them,” Tom said. He added, “This is like a dream team for sales.” Kelley added that, after seven years with the Fox and now with the new format she’s receptive and so are her clients, she added, “This format, you can play it anywhere, listen to it anywhere, no matter who you are or what your business, you can play it.”  Kelley said, “I love it.”

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In 1901 the Philadelphia Athletics entered the newly formed American League
In 1968 the franchise moved to Oakland, California.


If you donít have ulcers yet, you are not carrying your share of the load.

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Happy Birthday to Richard Rivers who will be a year older on September 3rd.

Shaon Huestis DeLisle will celebrate another year on September 5th. Way to go, Toots!

Jason Wolinsky, formerly of Sam’s Good News, has a birthday on September 9th. Happy Birthday Jason.

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