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Paintless Dent Repair, Environmentally Safe and Quick

The Dent Guys

The knowledgeable and skilled team at The Dent Guys has a reputation for getting your vehicle in and out without compromising the qualify of their work. Sam’s Good News photo by Natalie Aines.

By Natalie Aines

Many people around this region now know what damage hail can do. Most of us have a story to share whether it's about your garden being ruined or the windows and siding of your home, to name a couple possibilities. For many their cars were hit the worst. The golf ball sized hail didn't feel good on my head as I carried my youngest into the house but it really hurt my vehicle. For me the best option was a newer model but for many fixing their existing car is the most reasonable choice. There are quite a few options out there with many technicians doing a great job.

Recently I was invited in to get a tour of one facility where Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is happening. Before I tell you about the process let me tell you about the company. TheDentGuys.com is a company that was started in 1999 by Shaun Sutton and is based out of Georgia. “I started by buying and selling cars. They would come in with hail damage and would get fixed using PDR,” said Shaun. He was intrigued with the process and wanted to learn more. “I called around, got training, paid them for the training. I knew nothing about hail damage chasing. I just thought I would do door dings. I went on a call to New Orleans to take care of hail damage and never went back to what I was doing. Once I felt like I was good enough to go on my own, I did. I networked. I got in really well with insurance companies and they call us. There are seven major insurance companies represented here, now.” Shaun doesn't just own the company he is also a tech himself. That way he can relate to the guys and if someone says there is something that can't be done he knows first hand what the obstacles are.

The company became international in 2001. They spend a lot of time here in the U.S. But they have also traveled to Greece, Australia, Europe and South Africa to name a few places. They are well known, world renowned and trusted because they have the skills required for a job such as this. As I was visiting their workshop I was surprised at how interesting I found the process and I wish I had half of the patience needed for this job. The technicians carefully take the inside of vehicle away from the body and carefully push each dent out by hand. They seem to instinctively know just how much pressure to apply or counter apply to each individual dent and pock mark. They use LED lights which are deliberately placed to assure that no imperfection is missed. There are no pinholes put into the vehicle to pull dents out. There is no paint. That way your vehicle stays intact with the factory directives maintaining the value of the vehicle. You won't worry that the paint doesn't match. Your vehicle is generally one of the biggest investments that you will make, therefore keeping the value for a return on this investment makes sense.

An added bonus is that you are not ordering in a new hood or other part and then discarding the old. Your spare parts won't be found in a landfill. There are no paint fumes or chemicals being used on your automobile which in turn go into the environment. Elbow grease and electricity for the lights are the main components.

I was concerned that since they are giving personal attention to every ding it would be very time consuming. These guys really are professionals. Once you bring your vehicle to them they pride themselves in having it in the shop usually within a week. Generally you will have your vehicle back in about a week after that. There is no waiting for parts and these guys are committed and really do seem to enjoy their work. With no overhead they can also keep costs down for you. Though they employ many others, the team in Vermont right now consists of twenty technicians, all friendly and hard working. If you do decide that they are the right choice for you, you can also feel good that they are giving $50 from every job they do to Relay For Life. “It's a good cause,” replied Shaun as I asked him why he chose this charity to benefit. Cancer affects so many and Relay For Life does so much to aid finding a cure. Shaun's mother has beaten cancer twice and in the first couple of weeks they have raised over $2000 for the cause.

For now you can find the Dent Guys at their temporary location at the old FW Webb building at 3089 Cold River Rd but at the beginning of August they will be moving to Kinney Motors at 176 Main Street. Both locations are in Rutland. You can alsocheck them out   www.TheDentGuys.com.

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Stafford Students show gift
from Home Depot

Stafford Students show gift from Home Depot

Members of the Stafford Technical Center Summer Construction Camp Program, got together to show off their new tool boxes donated by Rutland Home Depot. The students have spent most of the summer learning building trades.  On hand for the summer showcase was Rutland City Board of Aldermen President, David Allaire. Sam’s Good News Photo

A New Face For A Tired Landmark

By Jack Rogers, Sr.

The Paul Bunyan cut prime rib at Sawdi’s Restaurant is not returning, but the wonderful country atmosphere of the landmark restaurant on Route 7 has a fresh new look.

Don and Donna Pelton of Claremont, NH had been looking into purchasing a restaurant for about six months when they ran across an offering on the internet by a local real estate company.  A quick call to the real estate agent and the appointment was made to inspect the Pittsford landmark.  The instant the Peltons stepped over the threshold, they knew that their search had ended.  Not only did they like the cozy atmosphere and the long road frontage, but they wanted a small town family environment.  They were sold.  They purchased the property which also included a nice ranch home.

It was now time to renovate.  They kept the same floor plan, but they refurbished or replaced everything from ceilings, roof shingles, fixtures, new wiring, new plumbing, new paint, and kept the same kitchen but with new appliances and updates.

Don Pelton has 35 years of retail management and food service.  He also was involved in constructing several convenience stores.  Donna Pelton worked as a prep cook and server in the Lake Sunapee area.

The Peltons are featuring a family style and family oriented menu.  They will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Most of their products will be fresh and purchased locally.  One of the claims to fame is a build your own burger bar.  They will also have a pizzeria with take out or on premise consumption.  Their dinner menu will feature daily specials of comfort food at affordable prices.  The pub area is still in its original location and will feature beer and wine and a pub menu with a big screen TV offering your favorite games.  Plans for a full service walk up dairy bar are soon to come.

The Pelton’s have put a staff together of local area employees featuring Irene Trudo and Susan Stone as their chefs, both of Pittsford.  Their hours of operation will be 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. seven days per week!  “We certainly welcome tourists but we will focus on the local clientele,” says Don Pelton.  If you wish to call ahead to make reservations or check on their daily specials, dial 802-772-7936.

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Richard Nixon’s resume: Whittier College and Duck University Law School.


Why is a bad joke like a broken pencil?
It has no point!

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Sam's Scrapbook


Happy 13th Birthday to our teenager Jordan Renner from Wallingford, VT on July 24th. Lots of Love, NeNe Grampa and Mommy.

Michelle Nickerson

Michelle Nickerson

Happy 50th Birthday to Michelle Nickerson Field of Rutland. Michelle celebrates her special day on July 25th, 2014. She is the mother of Zachary Field and the daughter of the late June Cheney Nickerson and Carl R. Nickerson of Rutland. Happy Birthday from all of us Michele.

Happy Birthday to Henry Brislin who will be year older on July 25th. Have a great day Hank!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me!!

Happy birthday to Jim Woods who will turn 61 years young on July 25th.

Happy Birthday to my twin grand children Marc and Megan Poljacik who celebrate another year on July 25th. Have a great day with lots of love, Gram and Maggie.

Happy 25th birthday to Bradley Lee III of Glens Falls, NY on July 26th. Love Gram and Grampa.

Peter Giancola will be a year older on July 27. Happy Birthday Peter.

Jesse Lundberg, formerly of Sam’s Good News, will celebrate another year on July 28. Happy Birthday Jesse!

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of  Priscilla DeLong of North Clarendon, VT  would like to wish her a very happy 85th birthday on July 30th.  With all our love.


Happy Anniversary to Max and Pauline Young of Brandon on July 30th. Have a wonderful day and many more good years. Love Jody.

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