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Family Uninterrupted Nourishment

By Jack Rogers, Sr.

By far the best summary of the Pittsford Fun Day Town Celebration held at the Pittsford Fire House on August 16, 2014! Kudos to the Volunteer Fire Department, the Pittsford Lions Club, the town officials, and the many town businesses and citizens that made this all day affair an incredible success.

The Event kicked off with a live auction sponsored by the Pittsford Lions Club starting at 10:00 AM.  There was a large crowd of active bidders on donated items from the area.  The Pittsford Farmers Market also opened at 10:00 a.m.

The Hocus Pocus Magic Show was featured at 2:00 p.m.  There was also face painting, ice cream cones, a bounce house, a dunkin' booth, and an obstacle course for folks of all ages.  The Silent Auction ran from 2:00 PM p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Satin & Steel

Satin and Steel perform at the Pittsford Fun Days festivities. Photo provided by Katrina Porch.

At 2:30 PM Berado’s Band began their 3-hour performance that ended at 5:30 p.m..  A variety of donated and delicious food was served from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..   The featured band of the evening Satin and Steel began their performance at 6:30 p.m. and played until 9:00 p.m.

Needless to say their performance was outstanding!

A very large and long fireworks display began at dark and continued for what seemed like forever.  The display lit up the sky and drew applause from all.

One would think that the fireworks was the finale but it was followed by a DJ and Street Dance that lasted until 11:00 p.m.

That’s a full day for any town function anywhere.  But the best part was that it was all FREE to the public.  That made it not only incredibly successful event but certainly affordable to everybody.  The cost was your time and smiles.

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Marcia, Don and Cameron

Proud grandparents, Don and Marcia Chioffi, at the award ceremony in Nowy Targ, Poland, with their grandson, Cameron Chioffi, the Silver Medal winner at the World Championship Youth Fly Fishing Tournament. Cam was the Gold Medalist last year in Ireland, and his team, Team USA Youth Fly Fishing, won the Gold Medal both last year and also this year, an awesome accomplishment. Sam's Good News photo provided by Don Chioffi.

From Rutland to Poland

By Don Chioffi

When your heart is just about ready to burst with pride, and your emotions are so high as to blur just about everything else from view, and you are 4,000 miles from home in a foreign country with unmatched beauty and splendor, you just have to pinch yourself and ask what it was that entitled you to such joy. That is the scene in Nowy Targ, Poland, on the village square, with the USA Youth Fly Fishing team perched on the highest platform with their Gold Medals, the second year in a row that they had accomplished this feat.  With Team Poland to their right in second place, and Team Czechoslovakia to their left in third and probably close to five hundred spectators down in the crowd, the Star Spangled Banner starts to play for Team USA and there isn't a dry eye in our crowd.  Team USA had, by far, the greatest parent and grandparent support of any team in the competition and at that moment we were all frozen in awe of what was happening in that moment.

Cam Chioffi and Gabriel Wittosch

Individual Medalists, Cam Chioffi, Silver, and on the right, Gabriel Wittosch, Gold Medalist at the World Youth Fly Fishing Competition, in early August in Nowy Targ, Poland.

Team USA proudly occupies the high point of Gold on the podium at Nowy Targ

Team USA proudly occupies the high point of Gold on the podium at Nowy Targ. Front is team coach Paul Bourcq and his assistant, Chris Smith. Upper right is Cameron Chioffi, Silver Medalist in the individual competition.

The competition had been tough and you are on the foreign team's turf, or really waters, we should say.  There is so much strategy and teamsmanship at play in such a competition that it would boggle the mind.  Fly pattern, leader selection, rod length, dry or wet, section of your beat to concentrate on, strategy for depth wading, approach to the waters, and every ounce of this minutia shared by Team USA members so that they could have the greatest chance to win a team Gold.  And for the second year in a row, that strategy has paid off in spades once again as the five USA team members finish 1,2 4,5,7 in individual competition out of 60 youth anglers from 10 different international teams.

Just previous to this moment, Marcia and I had watched, with tears in our eyes, as our grandson, Cameron rose to the podium to receive his Silver Medal, his second medal in two years, as the Mayor of Nowy Targ placed the medallion around his neck.  His teammate, Gabe Wittosch, standing just a bit taller above him with his Gold Medal, looked over and gave an approving smile as the crowd cheered with approval at the excellence shown by USA members in finishing all five within the top seven.  As our National Anthem plays once again, both Marcia and I are in a surreal state of absolute joy just in the fact that we could witness such a proud moment in our lifetimes.  What a gift to be given by our children and grandchildren.  We are proud of all our "boys", Dylan, who loves Baseball and Football, Dalton, who loves Basketball, Baseball, and Golf, and they all excel at every one, and we marvel at their athletic abilities in any sport they play, but I have to tell you that when one of them represents himself, his family, his sport, and his country with such pride and excellence as this, and without one word of "brag" in his whole body, it just makes you thank the Almighty for giving you the opportunity to witness it.  His coach, Paul Bourcq, recently commented to world officials that Cam Chioffi, right now, at 17, is the most decorated Fly Angler in the history of competitive angling.

I will leave the humility to Cam, for he wears it well.  Not so much his grandparents!  This young man is now famous in his own right, even though it really hasn't settled into his young brain yet.  Imagine the possibilities, the future, and the accomplishments that are ahead.  We both pray for enough life to enjoy that.  And a real bonus is that next year's World Competition will be held right here in the good old USA, out in Vail Colorado, next August.  You all know what I am saving my money for!

On a more general and personal note, we all make assumptions about how great we are and what a great country we live in and mostly we brag about the greatness of the United States.  That is certainly justified.  But I have to tell you, the Polish people are a proud people and they have a beautiful, spectacular, and wonderful country.  They were, to the last one of them, the most gracious, generous and considerate hosts you could ever ask for and we truly enjoyed their company, their camaraderie, and their precious native traditional foods.  As for me, having a competent translator at my side as my wife sure made for a more enjoyable trip.  Not to mention my son, Bill, who took the opportunity, following college, to travel abroad to Poland as an ESL instructor in Harvard's World Teach program.  Even though the program required but the minimum of Polish language competency, his personal goal was to master as much of the language as possible and through the year long stay he became virtually fluent in the language.  Now, on this trip, though a bit rusty, he managed to converse quite nicely with the natives, for which I could see many glints of quiet approval.   No one who is proud of their country and heritage does not respect those who at least try and converse in their native language, and that is true universally.

It is a rare treat to see a country emerge, triumphantly, out of  oppressive domination and into the light of freedom and a democratic way of life and a free market system.  This, we saw wherever we went.  On the other hand, it really is a strange delight to see the old coupled with the new.  Streets in the mountain region of Nowy Targ are very narrow and vehicles passing each other on the highways and byways are but inches apart as they pass in opposite directions----scary at times at 60km speed limits.  I had been told stories of old, and farming ways of the Polish from my family ties but to see an old Babci walking down a narrow street holding a dead chicken in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other, off on some mission, I'm sure----go figure.  On yet another street, right alongside traffic, was another Babci leading a team of oxen down the way.  The entire trip was the most magnificent blend of old and new---and yes!!---there were McDonalds and KFC along the major highways from Krakow to Nowy Targ.  and the trip through the Tatra Mountains was simply breathtaking.  Much like the Swiss Alps, these majestic mountains are mostly in the clouds at around 9 to 11 thousand feet and offer a snowcapped postcard view no matter where you shoot.  And here we were, right in the middle of them, traversing through mountain passes.  I felt very small, indeed.

Well, you know this is supposed to be a fishing article and in spite of the awesome glory of the champions, a few of us peons of fly fishing did, thanks to the Czech coach, get to travel to Slovakia to the town of Poprad, right at the base of the Tatra Mts. and fish for Brown trout and Grayling.  What an experience!  Fishing with my son and grandson and a few other members of the USA team as well as a few Czech team members, I managed to capture about 20 Grayling and 5 or 6 Browns.  Since I outfished the Czechs, it made me think that I must have been doing something right, but then again, Cam had provided me with the flies that the fish just wanted to gobble, so I can't take all the credit for that.  So, you see, this is really just Dons Reel Sports---Polish and Slovakian Edition.  WOW!!!  I really am proud to write this story.  For anyone who wishes to see more, you can check out Wyffc 2014 on the net or Facebook, and I encourage you to check out VIMEO and click on the video called HOOKED, by Anna Miller.  It is about a lot more than just fishing.  Until next week, good sports.

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Who was the only ballplayer that had 100 hits in each of his 22 seasons?
Carl Yastrzemski.


Why are the Middle Ages called the Dark Ages?
Because there were so man knights in them

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Sam's Scrapbook


Fr. Tinney

Fr. Tinney

Happy 75th Birthday on August 20th to Fr. Richard W. Tuba, Billy Tinney of Rutland, Vermont. The newly retired priest formerly of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish retired effective August 1, 2014 and now resides in Rutland.

Happy Birthday to Mary Ellen Shaw, “mother” of Carter the Cat Shaw, who will be a year older on August 22nd.

If you see John King, our neighbor on Tremont Street, wish him a Happy Birthday. He will add another year on August 22nd. Happy Birthday John. Maybe Liz will bake you a cake. Love Ron & Mary Ann.

Betty Huestis will celebrate another birthday on August 26th. Happy Birthday Betty!


Our daughter Ronna and son-in-law Barry McPhee will celebrate their 19th Anniversary on August 26th. Ronna will be at the Gift Shop at RRMC and Barry will be working around the area for BROC. Hope you have a great day, Love Mom and Dad.

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