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Rutland Herald May 14,1982
Submitted by Mickey Kelly and Fred Remington

Daley Wants Regional Ambulance Service

Mayor John Daley said Thursday that he has begun a drive to replace Aldous Ambulance Service, which will end emergency transportation service Oct 1, with a regional emergency ambulance service.

“We have to think in terms of solving this problem for the entire region, not just Rutland City,” Daley said in his office Thursday afternoon.

Daley said he met last Monday with Rutland hospital Executive Vice President Richard Schmidt, who agreed that a regional approach to finding a new ambulance service should be tried before seeking a solution simply for the city.

“We met to put together some alternatives that might be looked into to solve the problem,” Daley said.

“But we did not talk just about the city, because we recognized that a service in the city doesn’t solve the problem--we are very much aware of the other towns that are going to be in need of services also,” Daley said.

The mayor said Schmidt provided a map that marked some Rutland County towns that will also be in need of an emergency ambulance service after Aldous discontinues its service.

According to Rutland Firefighter Gary Gregorio, who is a paramedic, the following towns will be in need of an ambulance service as of Oct.1: West Rutland, Pittsford, Chittenden, Mendon, Chippenhook, Wallingford, Ira, Proctor, Rutland Town and Sherburne.

“Some of those towns have first response units, but no transportation service,” Gregorio said.

Daley said he is planning to ask delegations from each of those towns to come to a meeting in City Hall to discuss a regional approach to the emergency ambulance service problem.

“Dick Schmidt, Joe Barnhart (Aldous Vice President) and I will be meeting with them to seek a solution to this every serious problem,” Daley said.

“Right now, we’re putting our ideas together so that we can be prepared when the regional meetings start,” Daley said.

At the end of Thursday’s interview, Daley pledged that he would have a solution by Oct.1 to the problem caused by Aldous’ decision to discontinue its emergency ambulance service.

"We’re going to find a solution to this problem--you can count on it-- because this problem is not going to go away unless we do something about it,” Daley said.

"If there’s ever been an opportunity to go regional on a project, this is it, I really think we can make a regional approach work,” Daley said.

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