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Once in a While Clipping the Public is a Good Thing

Star Barber Shop

Jeff Wetmore, Bill Mazzariello and Tom Mazzariello busy at work clipping the public. Samís Good News photo by Jack Rogers, Sr.

By Jack Rogers, Sr.

For eighty years and three generations the Mazzariello family has been cutting hair, giving shaves and applying the hot towel massage for thousands of happy residents of the Rutland area under the name of the Star Barber Shop.

In 1924, Thomas Mazzariello, Sr., at the tender age of 18, began barbering from his home in Rutland. In 1926 he began working with Tony Bizzarro operating the Royal Barbershop at 64 ½ Merchants row. In 1935, Tom, Sr., opened his own barbershop calling it the Star Barber Shop. Back in those days haircuts were 25 cents and shaves were 15 cents. Later Tom, Sr., had another shop under the fairgrounds during the Fair.

Tom, Sr., worked with several barbers including his son Pat who was also a master barber in Massachusetts. His thirteen-year-old son Tom, Jr., would come to the shop to shine shoes and apprentice under his father to become a master barber.

Tom, Sr., and Tom, Jr., expanded their business by maintaining a shop by the old casino on the east side of Lake Bomoseen. Tom, Jr., later opened a shop in Castleton in the historic building that housed the town offices. After closing that shop, he started another shop in Wallingford. He operated his Main Street shop in Wallingford for twenty years.

In 1968 Tom, Sr., retired, but he still cut hair with his son until he passed in 1978. In 1980 the barbershop was moved to its current location at 114 Merchants Row. Tom Ryan, president of the Rutland Savings Bank at the time, was instrumental in relocating the Star Barber Shop.

For the first two years of the shop’s new location, Tony Bizzarro barbered alongside his nephew. Tony passed away in 1983. Enter generation number three as Tom, Jr.’s, son Bill began his apprenticeship under his dad in 1991.

Tom, Jr., retired late in 2014 and bill took on a new barber, Jeff Wetmore. He has also hired Gene Hitchcock, an aspiring apprentice. Since Bill’s arrival, the shop has been totally renovated featuring a verde antique marble wall as the centerpiece of the barbershop. In 1993 Bill had also opened a shop in West Rutland, which has flourished ever since.

The Star Barber Shop’s tastefully decorated new look also features another profession that Tom, Jr., mastered later in live. The walls are adorned with many of Tom’s oil paintings.

Quite a family. Quite a shop.

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Ashcroft Chiropractic

Val Gravelle, Barb Melna, Dr. Woodbury, Maxine Ranny, Sue Geesey-Jean pose at Ashcroft Chiropractic, owned by Dr. Mark Woodbury, 279 Business Route 4, Center Rutland, Vermont. Samís Good News Photo

Ashcroft Chiropractic Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

There’s still plenty of time to keep your new year resolution and a simple and fun way to do that is by calling Ashcroft Chiropractic, on Business Route Four in Center Rutland, Vermont. Sue Geesey-Jean is an athletic trainer and she says, “ I do any type of therapy that is required for any of the patients that we have on a one on one basis. Effective Monday January 12, 2015 we’re doing a ‘Move it or loose it’ weight loss challenge and it’s going to be an eight week program. We’re combining with the Gymnasium doing a cooperative thing and we’ve sent information to area doctors asking if any of their patients are in need of assistance.” When asked what this program involves she replied, “We are doing eight classes and, for instance, one involves stress reduction and we’ll be doing a food journal and stress reduction. Every week we have different topics, so one week we are going to have chef Megan, she’s going to be showing people how to cook healthier meals. Another week it is going to be processed foods and kind of how bad they are and another one is getting back on track. You know, when we kind of finish with the program we say, ok, you’ve learned all this stuff now how do you keep doing what you are doing.”

She said the first class will be right at Ashcroft Chiropractic; the second one will be at the Gymnasium and the one with Chef Megan will be at a local church.

Sue explained the program is original and they got together with the Gymnasium because so many of their patients say they need to lose weight and Dr. Woodbury said they should help do something about it. Sue sat down and brainstormed the types of classes that would be helpful because so many people need education on proper eating, what to drink, proper hydration, sleeping and how those things affect weight and weight loss.” She said, “I guess that we have kind of an a la carte thing so that it fits anybody’s budget. We’re not trying to make it cost exclusive; we are trying to make it cost inclusive so that everybody can find a price point that works for them. We have a lot of people speaking at the classes, Dr. Woodbury, myself, Tammy Landon, Gianna Skates, Sarah Wolfe. We’re all going to be adding information, so they’ll be getting it from different perspectives.”

Sue continued, “We want people to have healthy lifestyles and I guess the beauty of that is a lot of people don’t realize that when you lose weight and eat better, you can decrease the medications that you are currently on. We’re not saying just stop taking them, but people’s lives improve, so their health improves and their longevity and their quality of life improves and to us that’s the most important thing.”

The starting cost for this program could be $80 and it could go up from there because there are supplements that people can use if they are really interested in losing a lot of weight so those are in addition and of course there is the Gymnasium membership of $150, unless they already have one. The cost is kind of hard to estimate because we have a lot of choices for people to make. We are trying to make the program simple and affordable and cost efficient. The educational component of the program alone might help them understand better. First week is an educational component, the second week we go to the gym and that’s when the exercise component kicks in.”

If you are interested in the program or part of the program call 802-775-4372. There is also information on the website ashcroftchiropractic.com or Facebook page ashcroftchiropractic

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A dentist is a person who runs a filling station.

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Happy 80th Birthday to David Wisell on January 15th from his friends at the VFW.

Happy Birthday to Tina Ellis who will turn 57 years of age on January 16th.

Our Nephew Kiernan Canavan will turn 16 on Tuesday January 20th. Hope you have a great day. Have Dad treat you to whatever you want. Love, Aunt Mary Ann & Uncle Ron

Happy Birthday to Dr. Mark Carleton Stickney on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

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