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The Region’s Very Own Food Challenge!

Hot Wing Challenge

Chip Greeno, owner of The Local and his brother Ryan Greeno, chef at the bar, are standing on the back patio which has been revamped. They are excited to see who will be the next person brave enough to take their Hot Wing Challenge.

By Natalie Coons

Quite often, if you turn on the Travel Channel, you will find a show scouring this country of ours looking for the next great food challenge. Now, you need not look any further than Rutland. Located in the downtown district at The Local, a popular nightspot you will find brothers Chip and Ryan Greeno.

Four years ago the location became available and Chip saw it as his opportunity to start a new career. He became the proud owner of a bar and brought his brother Ryan on as the chef. The brothers have been hard at work in the last four years focusing on the details of the business and looking for ways to give back to the community. When they hold an event, such as New Years Eve, with a cover charge the proceeds are given to a local charity and they have donated over $19,000 in all. As Chip said, “It’s not us that is donating, really it’s the people.” They are also focused on their love of the area. “We are trying to bring some positivity back to Rutland,” says Ryan Greeno. “It may seem silly, but for that fifteen minutes, there isn’t a better show in Rutland!”

Those fifteen minutes that Ryan is speaking of are their very own hot wing challenge and it is not for the faint of heart. Ryan’s sauce is made using a basic recipe and a technique which makes the habaneros he uses seem like ghost chiles. Word had spread about this sauce and a man who is from Jamaica and used to spice came in to try it. Ryan explained how he asked to sample the famed sauce after which he pushed the sauce away forcefully and ran out at a quick pace. The next night that same gentleman came back in and this time ordered the Caribbean Jerk Wings. Ryan asked why he left quickly the previous night and the man answered “I don’t know what kind of devil magic you work in that bottle, but I had to be home where I felt safe.”

The challenge is open to anyone brave enough from Wednesday through Saturday. The prize is your name etched in glory on one of their benches, a t-shirt and the jackpot which at the time of this interview was $75. However, every time someone tries this challenge and loses the jackpot is then raised by $5. The challenge is to eat one dozen full wings that average a quarter pound apiece, drenched in 1½ cups of the infamous sauce. You can choose a small tub of ranch or blue cheese to go with it. You must eat all the meat and sauce in fifteen minutes and then wait another five minutes before drinking milk or eating bread. You must endure the additional five minutes of fire and brimstone in your gut. You are allowed to wipe your nose but not your eyes or face. Since the beginning of the wing challenge a couple of months ago, 21 have tried and only two have succeeded.

The jackpot has been put up by local business owner Terry Morton of Terrys Car Audio. When Terry had heard about the challenge he asked about sponsorship. Before agreeing, Ryan asked Terry what he was looking to get out of it. His reply was that he just wants to set the example of local people working together to keep Rutland strong.

For the less daring there is homemade food available without the fire, including other flavors of wings like Sweet Bourbon Maple or a heaping portion of fries with Mom’s gravy. There are also exciting things happening most nights they are open like Comedy open mic and football Sunday with free nacho bar.

If you are interested in visiting The Local you can do so at 24 Merchants Row in Rutland. If you are a local you can even call them and order a shuttle to ensure a safe ride home. The number is (802) 772-7345.

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Rotary Christmas Trees

Shown here are Terry Moran, Rich Carlson, Brian Perkins, Jeff Chabot, Cale Shipman, Chuck Rose and Bill Drummond, all members of the Rutland City Rotary Club. They will start selling Christmas Trees on Saturday, November 29 at the Main Street Park in Rutland City. As they have in the past they will also be selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets. First place winner will get 42% of half of the proceeds and the second place winner will get the remaining 8%. The real winners will be the first graders at Northwest Elementary School. The first half of the raffle will go to buying them each a new book to keep. Sam’s Good News photo by Natalie Coons.

Dentistry Welcomes New Professional to Rutland

Dentistry Welcomes New Professional to Rutland

Dr. Michael R. Dick, DMD, FAGD (center) has recently introduced his new partner Dr. Sonia C.H. Yau, DMD (4th from left) to the area. Here they pose with the members of their staff. Photo provided.

By Jack Rogers, Sr.

The Dental Office of Dr. Michael R. Dick, DMD and FAGD, would like to introduce his new partner Dr. Sonia C.H. Yau, DMD.  Dr. Dick has been practicing dentistry for nearly 40 years here in Rutland.  His office is located at 240 Stratton Road.  Dr. Dick’s staff includes three dental hygienists, two assistant hygienists, and two front desk employees.  The practice has been chosen as the Best of the Best for the past five years.

Dr. Yau is an Honors Graduate from the renowned McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  After several years in the business world, Dr. Yau decided to continue her education at the University of Toronto Dental School.  After obtaining her dental degree, she spent a year doing her general practice residency program in Ohio.  She has spent her last three years as an associate in a group dental practice in Queensbury, New York. During this period, she resided at her home in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Dr. Yau has moved around the country for most of her life and looks forward to settling down and growing some roots in the Rutland, Vermont region.  She has already purchased real estate here.  She now lives locally with her rescue dog, Houdini.  Her big dream is to own a mini farm in the area where she can raise a few animals, have a garden, and enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors.

Dr. Yau claims to be a “pretend” runner, but she does run half marathons. She looks forward to meeting new patients and learning of their interests and stories from the Rutland area.

Dr. Yau has had training and interest in all phases of general dentistry.  She looks forward to expanding the services and availability of Dr. Dick’s dental team.

Dr. Yau is accepting new patients and can be reached at 802-775-6981. Be sure to call ahead to schedule your dental appointment.

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What is the most common last name among Hall of Famers?
Robinson: Brooks, Frank, Jackie and Wilbert.


Why didnít they let the coffee bean play?
Because he was grounded.

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Sam's Scrapbook


A Very Happy 11th Birthday to Christopher Burnett on November 21. From his brothers, Nathaniel, Dillan, and Gary. Love from Dad and Mom.

Oh my gosh, our niece Shella Delpha Mills will celebrate yet another birthday on Tuesday November 25th. How many does this make? Before you light the candles, make sure you let the Fire Department know. Anyways, Have a happy Birthday.  Love  Ron & Mary Ann


Happy anniversary to my sister and her husband Vit Razanouski of West Rutland on November 23rd. Stay healthy for many more years. Love ya! Jody and Maggie.

Thank You Rutland!

I am humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to serve as your senator for another two years. I promise that I will do my best to work with everyone in Montpelier to try to move our state in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who exercised their right to vote! You make our democracy work. Peg, Brian and I will work diligently to represent everyone from Rutland County and to bring a message of hope and opportunity to the statehouse. Thank you Rutland!
Senator Kevin Mullen.

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