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Foley Cancer Center gets blankets

By: Sam Gorruso, cancer survivor since 2005
Interesting enough, while going through chemotherapy, there were some very warm and sunny days. The lawnmowers were passing by the windows with operators in tee shirts and my car was parked, locked in the baking sunshine on the paved parking lot. I shivered so hard during chemo and all the way to my waiting vehicle, it was such a relief to get into a vehicle that was so warm! That’s because the chemo made me freeze because it cooled my system down.

Now, Mrs. Ramey’s fifth grade, Rutland Middle School class, along with the girls from the Castleton State College softball team, made blankets to donate to the Foley Cancer Center. The delivery took place on Monday December 15, 2014 with Mrs. Ramey’s students carrying stuffed bags of blankets and when interviewing them, they knew exactly why they were a part of this project.

It’s been nine beautiful years of being cancer free and nine years of not having chemo, but I’ll never forget how cold I would get and how warm those blankets could have made me then. Thanks Mrs. Ramey, Mr. Ramey and the students, on behalf of anyone going through cancer treatment.

Merry Christmas kids!

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Blankets to the Foley Cancer Center

Students from Mrs. Ramey’s fifth grade at Rutland Middle School, wanted to continue a class tradition from years past of donating blankets to the Foley Cancer Center. With the help of Mr. Ramey’s girls softball league from Castleton State College, students brought several bags of blankets to be used to keep cancer patients warm during their treatment. Sam’s Good News Photo

The Gift of Family

By Justin Norton

Christmas Day, for a great deal of people is one of the most wonderful and magical days of the year. I am no different. I remember the days when I was a small child, trying to sleep the night before and failing because of the overwhelming excitement of the day to come. My brother and I would try and stay in bed as long as we could, but eventually we couldn’t take it anymore and we would jump out of bed and race into our parent's bedroom yelling "It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Santa Came! Santa Came!"

Our parents would always go downstairs first so they could make sure everything was just so, leaving my brother and I vibrating with anticipation at the top of the stairs, talking about all the things we hoped Santa had brought us that year. Finally, my parents would yell from the living room "OK you can come down now!" and before they were even finished their sentence my brother and I would be bounding down the stairs hooting and hollering with the pure joy that children radiate on Christmas day. We would shoot through the dining room and into the living room, the living room my mother spent hours decorating every year. It was always so festive and no detail was overlooked and the beautiful tree my father would make sure we always had filled our house with the aromatic scent of pine pitch and balsam. It was the living room where Santa had left all our gifts!

Eventually my Mom and Dad would calm us down enough and get us to sit down. They would give us our hot cocoa in our special little Christmas mugs, and finally they were ready for the sea of torn wrapping paper and discarded bows to start flooding the living room.

As the years have passed, Christmas Day has not lost any of the magic and wonder it had when I was a kid, however the magic and wonder, comes from different places. It comes from my mom still doing her best to decorate the living room like a Christmas Wonder Land after all these years. It comes from my wife dealing with her most stressful time of year and all the rude and inconsiderate customers she encounters, and still comes home with a smile for me and a kiss on my cheek. My Christmas magic and wonder comes from my family.

The first year I can distinctly remember a significant change in my attitude about Christmas is the year 2007, the year my grandmother passed away. The first year Christmas came and went that year and I couldn't see her, tell her how much I loved her and wish her the Merriest of Christmases. That was the first year I think I truly understood what Christmas was about. It isn't what neat new gift you get, or how much money you spent, it's about cherishing the time you have with the ones you love, and not taking a single minute with them for granted.

Every Christmas now I always think about how lucky I am to have the family that I have, not because they buy me all the coolest gadgets, but because they love me and enjoy spending time with me, as I do with them. Every year my parents get a little older, and I cherish my time with them because I know every Christmas that passes is one less I have left with them. Every year when my wife and I are decorating our home, trying not to overlook any little detail, I try to take a moment and appreciate all that she does for me, not only as my partner in life, but my best friend.

I don't ask for much these days for Christmas. No lists with bullet points, multiple pages, or categories of "Must Have" and "Would Like to Have" items, because to me that is not what Christmas is about; for me, the only "Must Have" item on my list is my family, because without them, Christmas is nothing more than December 25th.

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More than half of our Presidents, 22, have served as governor. From Thomas Jefferson if Virginia to George W. Bush of Texas.


Can you give me the name of a liquid that will not freeze?
Hot water!

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Sam's Scrapbook


Belated Birthday Greetings to our Don's Reel Sports writer, Don Chioffi of Rutland Town. His wife Marcia did not want to reveal his age but she did say she will be seventy on her next birthday too.

We don’t seem to have a lot of birthdays to announce locally. So let’s wish a Happy Birthday to Gus Louras.

Other famous people celebrating birthdays between December 17 and December 23 are: Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Frank Zappa, Diane Sawyer, Phil Donahue, Susan Lucci and, of course, Pope Francis. If you run into any of them wish them a Happy Birthday.

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