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NeighborWorks Plans

By Jack Rogers, Sr.

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success

In 1985 in the basement of the Town Hall of West Rutland, Vermont an organization known as Rutland West was born.  Its mission was to revitalize four communities: Fair Haven, Castleton, West Rutland and Rutland.

From that early beginning emerged NeighborWorks of Western Vermont which now serves three Vermont Counties: Addison, Bennington, and Rutland.  The organization promotes safe, efficient and affordable housing, and community projects through education, technical assistance and financial services.

Neighbor Works of Western Vermont offers all types of services involving home ownership, financial stability, home improvement, a full service real estate agency, foreclosure intervention, expanded lending services, home rehab program, the heat squad, and community development.

For example, if due to some unfortunate event you’re facing foreclosure on your home, call the agency and they will help resolve your problem with the lending institution.  The fee is just $75 for you to take two online classes.  One on one coaching is included at no additional charge.  Someone who asks for help is three times more likely to resolve their problem and save their home.

Their expanded lending program provides monies for down payments and closing costs to assist in purchasing a home.  Loans are also available for home improvements such as insulation and safety issues.

NeighborWorks Realty is a new fully licensed and managed agency with membership in the Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service that allows their customers expanded access to the purchase and sale of real estate with a particular interest in brokerage for buyers.  The office can also help those people who wish to downsize from the big four bedroom two-story to a smaller and more energy efficient one-story living.

NeighborWorks of Western Vermont also offers a Homebuyers Workshop.  This eight hour course is offered several times a year to give the potential homeowner the tools to make an informed decision on home ownership.  The course is taught by a group of trained professionals in the field of home ownership.  The course is open to everyone and cost a mere $99 per household.

NeighborWorks H.E.A.T. Squad helps homeowners to complete home energy improvements.  Energy Audits as well as financing and project management are available to all who qualify.

In summary, NeighborWorks of Western Vermont does make dreams come true, huge problems solvable, and the organization serves all that contact them.  Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to discuss your home ownership or desire to own a home with them.  They have 22 trained professionals here to help you if they can.  They also have two Americorps folks on staff.  They are still in West Rutland but their growth has allowed them to acquire and completely renovate two buildings on Marble St.  Their main location is at 110 Marble St., West Rutland, VT.

Take the first step. Call them at 802-438-2303.

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Neighborworks of Western Vermont

Some of the professionally trained staff of NeighborWorks of Western Vermont pose at their headquarter at 110 Marble St. in West Rutland, Vt. Sam’s Good News photo by Jack Rogers, Sr.

All Points Animal Care Opens in New Location

All Points Animal Care

By Natalie Coons

Dr. Maria Dunton, Dr Anna Dunton-Gallagher and the rest of the crew from All Points Animal Care recently moved from their former location on Stratton Road to a new location at 170 North Main Street, both in Rutland. The move has been beneficial, as it has given them much more space.  The new location is very welcoming. With all the architectural details and the hardwood floors, you would forget that you are bringing your furry friend to see their doctor, though they may not.

While I was visiting to see the new space, a client came in with her canine companion and the dog was not excited to be there. The staff knows her well and understands that sometimes she gets nervous. They approached her calmly, spoke to her in a soothing way and were able to lead her into to the appointment without an issue. It was nice to see the attendant step up to the challenge without hesitation and handle it in a knowledgeable way.

“We are very hands on, we are family, we provide compassionate care,” says Dr. Maria Dunton, “It’s not just a business for us, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not about money but loving what we do, trying to meet everybody’s needs as individuals.”

You can expect to get general practitioner care for your small animals, which can include everything from helping your sick pet feel better to trimming toenails. There is a focus on medical needs though so you would not come here for grooming. They have worked on chickens and goats as well as dogs and cats.

Cats have their own treatment room. The staff at All Points Animal Care have taken into consideration the differences between the animals and how stressful it would be for a cat to stay in a room where it can smell the dog that was a patient here last. They take it one step further and infuse the cat room with a scent that is very calming to felines.

In addition to the three exam rooms they also have a surgical room. They also provide acupuncture for your pets. They find it helpful for animals that have muscular skeletal disorders and it is helpful for kidney general wellness. They also have ultra-sonogram equipment capable of taking digital x-rays. From providing dental care to being able to process their own lab work, it truly is an all-encompassing treatment facility for animals.

“We love what we do and it shows in the work. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I still love it,” says Dr. Dunton who has been helping animals for the past 34 years. She also feels just as passionate about her staff.  “I have the best staff in the world. They are wonderful, compassionate, caring and skilled. It’s the whole package.” They are often reading and making sure that the information they have doesn’t get outdated and they don’t get stale. They are members of the American Medical Veterinary Association and the Holistic American Medical Veterinary Society.

If this type of approach sounds like what you have been looking for to help your non-human family members then you can get in touch with All Points Animal Care by calling (802) 747-9088 or you can visit them at 170 N. Main Street in Rutland, Vermont. Their hours are Monday - Friday 8-5 and Saturday 9 - noon. You can also visit their website at www.duntonvet.net.

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The first U. S. President to recognize the State of Israel was Harry Truman on May 14, 1948.


What makes math such hard work?
All the numbers you have to carry.

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Sam's Scrapbook


Congratulations to Carrie and Matt LaCross on the birth of son Benjamin Matthew on September 19.  He joins brothers Zack and Joey. Love from Grampa Mike Gravelle and me (Val Gravelle)


Happy Anniversary to Connie and Ed Wilder who will celebrate another year on October 2nd.

Happy Anniversary to Dan and Shelly Hendee whose special day is October 2nd.


Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Mike Gravelle whose bitg day was Saturday September 27th. From his loving family.

Christopher Louras, the Mayor of the Great City of Rutland, will be a year older on October 4th. Happy Birthday Chris.

Happy Birthday to Nan Mattsson Bently who will celebrate another year on October 5th.

Carter the Cat wishes a very Happy Birthday to his dad Pete Shaw and can’t wait to see what treats will be forthcoming in celebration.

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