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What a win for Rutland High over Rice last week at Rice in boys
basketball! The Raiders went off to a big lead, saw the Green Knights
come back to tie the game before the Raiders came back to win it. The
key was that Rutland had the mental toughness to keep its composure.

Not a long wait for the rematch as Rutland will be hosting Rice on
Tuesday night January 13th at 6:30. The game will be videocast on the
Northeast Sports Network, at 6:20.

I believe that teams gain confidence, some call it momentum, but
what happened last week has nothing to do with this week’s game.
Momentum changed several times within the game last week so again how
can momentum carry over to this week’s game? The answer is it doesn’t
and it won’t. Each game is a separate entity!

This year’s team does have that winning combination of talent and
that mental toughness that we mentioned before. No doubt about it.
Remember the Raiders defeated a tough St. Johnsbury team in between
the two Rice games. I think this Raider team will go along way this

In girls basketball last week West Rutland’s victory over
Proctor was a stunner. Proctor will be hosting MSJ in an MVL showdown
this Thursday night January 15th. It’s a rematch of last year’s
Division 4 state championship game.

Stephanie McCaffrey of Winchester, Massachusetts who was a
senior midfielder/forward on the Boston College womens soccer team is
on the preliminary list of players for the 2015 National Womens Soccer
League college draft which is on Friday January 16th starting at 9:30
AM. It will be at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America
Convention in Philadelphia.

Stephanie is the granddaughter of Judge Frank and Rita
McCaffrey of Rutland and is the daughter of former Rutland High, St.
Mike’s and Holy Cross basketball standout Jimmy McCaffrey. Jimmy still
holds the Rutland High scoring record of 55 points set in 1981.

A reminder that George Commo out of Burlington and I host a
sports talk show everyday Monday through Friday on the internet from
9-11AM. Join us on Also checkout the NSN website at for the schedule of the hundreds of college and high
school athletic events that are videocast. It is unbelievable! As I
mentioned this week’s Rutland-Rice boys basketball game will be
videocast as was last week’s game which is now available on the

Catch you next week!

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Don Chioffi

Big Cats Could Return to Northeastern US

Well, isn't this a nice way to start off the new year. Just another leftist loony with some wild eyed romantic notion that it would be just swell if we could see Cougars (can you say Mountain Lions) running around the small state of Vermont. Now, I do not know Sue Morse of Jericho, Vt. and I really do not care to know her any better than I do from reading about her endeavors in the Jan 2 edition of our local. She is the science director and founder of a group called "Keeping Track". How nice. I guess that makes me the founder and factual director of my group----Keeping Sanity! She says that the forests of Vermont have ideal Cougar habitat, which means that we have plentiful forest cover and "large animals" to sustain a Cougar population. So, nostalgically, she wonders just how the species can migrate that huge expanse from the western foothills to get here. "How can this happen", she wistfully thinks to herself. I am going to tell you, folks---people with dreams like this are very dangerous people. And sadly, minorities of one such as this can be multiplied by a leftist media into controlling majorities. I mean, really, how many intelligent people in this state actually did not know, long ago, that single payer would bankrupt this state, or that money does not grow on trees, or that $14,000 per year is way too much to have to pay per year to educate each and every child in our state? The real burning question we have to ask ourselves is just why we tilt at such folly when our common sense tells us otherwise. Even more sadly---we paid Gruber a $400,000 contract to lead us down a path from which there was no return! But I digress into far too much logic, here, do I not?

Morse postulates that the most predictable route the Cougars will take to get here is the Canadian west to east route through Ontario. Then, in the typical authoritarian liberal mode of Al Gore (the inconvenient politician), she states, like someone anointed her the "messiah of carnivores" that "We need our apex carnivores in a big way. "We need them for the health of our forests. Our forests are being ravaged by too many deer in some places." I have rarely seen such an uninformed, illogical, and outrageously arrogant attitude expressed without any thought whatsoever by the author of this article to present a balanced view, but what the heck, a Wilson Ring writing for the AP has to generate some print so might as well just throw this thing out there---really----kind of neat----Cougars running around Vermont.

Now, you may be wondering just why I am so concerned about some loony leftist wanting to see the Cougars back here so I will tell you outright. This is the same plan, almost to the "T", as the "Wolf advocates". There are a bunch of anti hunter, anti gun, zealots who are running around trying every trick in the book to get all the liberals peppered into our Fish and Wildlife Department convinced that not only are the wolves part of the "native eastern species", and therefore to be afforded protection by Vermont, but also that we should for this very reason, alone, put all our efforts into repopulating the state with them. That's right---they want to stock wolves back into Vermont for the same nostalgic reasons that Mrs. Cougar wants to see the cats here.

Now, let's go a bit further into Mrs. Cougar's plans. Later in her article, where she says that many males tend to be nomadic and searching for new habitat but that females tend not to want to wander far from "home" (wherever that is), she says, "the trick is getting that female there, they would have to be brought in". How nice. So she knows that if this is to happen, that we would have to import the females to have a breeding stock in Vermont. What a legacy to wish for yourself----I brought the first predator capable of consuming a sheep, dairy cow, deer, child, or hiker into Vermont. Now if you think I am being too harsh on Ms Morse, I would suggest you do some research into the hillsides of California, Montana, and Colorado where these predators are protected (they most certainly would be protected here as well) and have killed and maimed humans on biking and hiking paths---and not too far from populated areas either. Her ideas and wishes are not that farfetched from the fictional saga, Jurassic Park. What this lady is wishing for will result in far more consequences than her simplistic and idyllic view of life, but then, again, liberals never look beyond the end of their noses---they just spout the "religion". And these are far from "kitty cats", folks. Believe it or not, there are many on the far left that actually take the view that the Cougars have greater rights to their territory and habitat than humans and that any human that is stupid enough to threaten the Cougar's habitat deserves exactly what they get----including death. They actually value the animals greater than humans---so how much do you think they value you or your ideas.

It is too bad, and maybe an indictment of me personally, that I identify these loonys as leftists. I do not mean to over generalize. I guess I should just call them what they are----stupid people. They seldom think past the end of their uppity noses. They never think of the consequences of their actions for their "mission" is far too important to have such restraints as facts put in the way. It is funny, though, that I never have heard any person with a conservative philosophy talk of bringing in Wolves or Cougars to Vermont. Jobs maybe, improvement to the economy possibly, fiscal responsibility for sure, but NEVER Wolves or Cougars. I wonder why that is? I also wonder why it is only those on the left leaning political side that never want to debate any issue on the factual merits, and most certainly are the first ones to try and shut off debate when it isn't going particularly their way. They argue for inclusionism and freedom of speech-----until that freedom is attacking or rebutting their ideas---then they want to shout you down. Truly, I have found liberals to be the greatest hypocrites in society, whether it comes to the green Movement, Global Warming (oh, wait a minute---I forgot----they have recanted---Climate Change) or any other topic---just pick one---let's say gun control. That one is tied intrinsically to the Wolves and Cougars. The far left is absolutely committed to the introduction of enough predators of deer into this state so that we surely at some point will not need hunting, nor will there be enough game to interest hunters anyway, and without hunting, why, pray tell, would we need all those rifles and guns in the first place? Will we stand up to this idiocy? Will we defend a proud and responsible state, Vermont, that has, since its founding, upheld the principles of self defense embodied in our right to carry laws---laws that have made our state one of the safest in the entire country? I sincerely hope we will, but it will only be if we resist the loony left's attempts to totally transform our state. This is fact. During WWII the Japanese never invaded the continental US for one reason alone. And that reason, and they have stated it, is that we have the greatest army of ARMED individuals in the world------our citizens. Think, now, for one minute, just who it is that is trying to change that fact. I rest my case. Until next week, good sports.

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