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Soap Updates

By Dana Block

Lisa LoCicero

Lisa LoCicero stars as "Olivia" on "General Hospital"

Bill decided to pursue custody of Will. Liam and Hope shared a passionate kiss. Justin informed Bill about the poor state of his publishing business. Quinn urged Wyatt to do everything could to win back Hope. Karen arrived in town to try to get Spencer Publications back on track. Hope recalled the good times with Liam. Brooke called Karen and asked to meet in secret. Katie pulled Donna into the middle of her quarrel with Brooke. Bill pleaded his case to Karen as to why he should be renamed CEO. Maya recorded her conversation with Oliver about his intentions toward Aly. Katie grew suspicious of Justin's loyalty after he asked for more access to the company files. Wait to See: Carter questions Maya's motives.

Nicole tried to come clean with Daniel. Marybeth stirred up trouble for JJ and Paige. Aiden got honest with Marlena. Rafe was determined to figure out Gabi's secret. Later, Gabi had a fit when Will brought up the idea of a custody agreement. Eric informed Marlena that he was going to marry Nicole. Brady told a disappointed Theresa he had to stop seeing her. Aiden and Hope ran into a major snag while planning the St. Luke's summer gala. A mysterious figure delivered the incriminating photos of EJ and Abigail to the DiMera mansion. Rafe was hot on Nick's trail. JJ confided in Paige before kissing her. Hope was put in an awkward position with Roman. Wait to See: Daniel pressures Theresa to confess.

Sonny verbally lashed out at Olivia during one of his depressive episodes. Patrick and Sabrina learned the gender of their baby. Anna and Dante took Carlos in for questioning, while Ava tried to help him form an action plan. Jordan proved her loyalty to her new boss by confiding that she wanted in on his covert business. Ned didn't trust Luke's motives for marrying Tracy. Anna and Dante secretly arranged to get a DNA sample from Carlos. Lulu asked Britt whether she should trust Obrecht's latest offer. Luke tried to erase any doubts Tracy had about marrying him. Sonny tried to make things right with Olivia. Franco let Carly in on his new scheme. Wait to See: Michael mourns AJ.

Summer missed her mom more than ever. Chelsea and Chloe butted heads behind the scenes at the fashion show. Stitch asked Victoria out on a date. Abby and Tyler planned their engagement celebration. Noah gave his parents his blessing, but Sharon was worried about how Victor would react. Kelly reached out to Summer by telling her that her mother, Phyllis, would be proud of her. Connie warned Chelsea and Chloe to behave themselves. Noah asked Courtney to be his date at the engagement party. Victor assured Nikki that Ian would never hurt anyone in their family again. Avery taped the first episode of her show, "Real Folk Food." Wait to See: Everything changes for Victor.

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